JJ Keith


I'm a web developer who works with HTML/JSX, Sass, Node, Foundation, JavaScript and React, with some cameos from PHP, Laravel, JQuery and Bootstrap. I'm currently a junior engineer at Gigmor, where I'm responsible for creating and styling enticing, responsive and reusable UI components and layouts. I also have experience with Angular, hand-coded CSS/Sass, Wordpress and Ruby on Rails.

Before I became a full-time developer, I was a writer and an educator (with some development and design work on the side), which basically means that I've shifted from talking too much about the Great Oxford Comma debate to discussing CSS nomenclature systems or comparing the merits of rem versus em.


Other Stuff

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Prior to beginning my career in web development, I was a writer. I contributed dozens of essays to publications as far ranging as Reader's Digest and Bitch Magazine. At some point in the future, I'll get back to writing — hopefully about web development — but right now I'm using all of my creative and analytical juices on web development. In the meantime, for a partial list of my publications, go here, and for information about my book, go here.